Earth´s atmosphere is wide but the air we are breathing in the troposphere is becoming more contamined every day.

Air and atmosphere

Our air consists of a gas mixture that forms the atmosphere here on Earth. The air we breathe every day consists of 78 % Nitrogen, 21 % Oxygen and 0,9 % Aragon and small proportions of other gasses such as carbondioxide 0,03 %. The air remains on Earth thanks to our gravity force field covering the Earths surface.

The atmosphere is the more gaseaous region of air, the layer that is our outer most section of air. This layer of more gaseaous air can be devided into the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere. The troposphere, closest to Earth's surface, is only 10-12 kilometers thick (less than 2 %) and the last, expsphere, is the between 600 and 800 km thick but the thinnest of them all.

Our air here on Earth is constantly being contamined by us humans making it hard to breathe in cities having to much smog caused by industry and cars. The pending energy revolution is a way out, where we can create cars that don't release anything into the air but this does mean that all cars must use batteries and they are still not environmentally friendly but if you look at the urgency of smog polluted cities this can be disregarded at the time being. Industry pollution is a much greater problem and here you have to find individual solutions depending on the line of production.



How our global air is being polluted

This video shows how our global air is being polluted by humans due to the use of agriculture and the energy industry.

How to protect yourself from air pollution in a city

This video describes how you can protect yourself in an airpolluted city if you have to be in one, my very best tip though is move away and avoid travels to such a city.