The climate of the future

What will the climate be like here on earth in the future? What can we expect to happen?

The climate of the future will consist of:

* Forest fires due to hot temperatures.

* Drought that creates a desert climate that kills our animal and plant life on land.

* Warmer temperatures in the oceans kill our coral reefs and change the conditions for a number of aquatic species.

* An acidification of the oceans that leads to the extinction of both plant and animal life.

* Huge floods along the coasts of the continents due to rising sea levels.

* Giant hurricanes caused by warmer seawater.

* Increased rainfall leading to floods.

Elevated temperatures are already occurring which cause heat waves with a risk of forest fires and precipitation increases at the same time, which causes floods.

The reaction that the weather gives is extreme, so anything you can think of in extreme form when it comes to weather will happen. Over time, after the average temperature has risen by four degrees, the drought is so extreme that 80% of the earth's lands consist of desert and there is then only greenery in the northernmost areas.

The question is therefore not whether the increase will take place, but when, a temperature increase we can not counteract, but we can try to slow it down by avoiding emissions of carbon dioxide. We do not know exactly when this fateful change will occur, but it can happen within 50 years, according to some.

The UN today expects that the average temperature on earth should be raised by a maximum of two degrees at this time, if we also counteract the greenhouse effect by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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Why Climate Change is making hurricanes worse

In the future there is a great risk of even heavier hurricanes forming on a global scale threatening our existance on this planet. Overflooding and hurricanes will be the most dangerous threats we will face due to rising temperatures.

What happens if all the ice on earth melted?

Watch a video about what will happen to humanity if all the ice on earth were to melt as a direct result of the earth's future temperature rises. Source: Destiny.

What do we do when the land is no longer arable and all vegetation and animal species have become extinct?

What do we do when the land is no longer arable and all vegetation and animal species have become extinct?