What happens in the event of a two-degree celcius (35 degrees fahrenheit) increase in temperature:

* Sea level has risen by 1.04 meters.

* The sea has been acidified and the vegetation has stopped growing.

* Annual heat waves ravage southern Europe.

* 20% of our wheat and corn crops in the US, Africa and India go wrong.

* 13% more rainfall.

* Hurricane strength has increased by 15%.

* 30% of our animal species are now at risk of extinction.

What happens with a three to four degrees celcius (37-39 degrees fahrenheit) increase:

* Sea level has risen by 1.24 meters.

* The sea is so acidic that the vegetation dies out.

* Southern Europe is now a desert landscape.

* 30-40% of wheat and corn harvests in the USA, Africa and India go wrong.

* Precipitation has increased by 20-26%.

* The hurricane strength has increased by 22.5-30%.

* 40% of all animal species are at risk of extinction now. What happens at a five to six degree celcius (41-42 degrees fahrenheit) increase.

* Sea level has now risen by 1.43 meters.

* Floods around the world at knee height.

* The sea is 150% acidified.

* The temperature is extreme and it is unknown what the world looks like at this level, but the desert landscape is probably spreading.

* It is unclear whether the harvests can be kept alive.

* Precipitation has increased by 35-42%.

* Hurricane strength has increased by 37, 5 - 45%.

* Methane gas has now been released after the permafrost thawed completely and this could mean a mass extinction of species in the world.

If the earth's average temperature has risen to six degrees celcius (42 degrees fahrenheit), then the earth's plant and animal life is no longer there, which means that humans also die out. This will happen at the latest in 600 years if the temperature rises one degree celcius (33 degrees fahrenheit) every hundred years, but now it is going faster and if one is to believe the UN calculations, we can count on at least an increase of 2 degrees celcius (35 degrees fahrenheit) every fifty years in the future.

Which means that:

Mankind can live on earth for a maximum of 150 years until after the coming turn of the century in 2100.

The year humanity is in danger of extinction: Year 2250

Source: 2019-03-21

After the four degree raise - survival on earth could be impossible

After four degrees humans, animals and plants will have a difficult time surviving, in the end it will be too warm for these lifeforms to continue here on earth. Next step, preferably before we hit four degrees is instead living in space, possibly on the moon.

It will be difficult for humanity to survive in the climate of the future.

It will be difficult for humanity to survive in the climate of the future.