What you can do...

You can help save the world by taking a few important steps...

Protect animals and their habitat

Protect animals by donating to charitys that specifically

work to protect animals on a daily basis.

It can be the Animal World Protection program or another organisation supporting animals like WWF.

Please visit WWF:s homepage for more information. 

In Sweden we have a political movement for animals called Djurens r├Ątt, donating to them means they stop exploitation of animals on a political level even.

Help us plant trees

Go to WWF:s homepage and become a donor to the rainforest. Give monthly a gift to the rainforests to help protect them.

Please visit WWF:s homepage The rainforest trust

In Sweden there is a tree planting organisation called

Vi-skogen, if you live in Sweden you could think about donating monthly to them.

Check your local tree planting organisations for more information and the possibility of you donating more to plant trees. It is urgent!

Support politically active organisations

There are a number of political organisations who enforce better nature or climate related politics. Support these organisations by donating to them and signing petitions for free.

You can choose to turn to Greenpeace or We move Europe.

Please visit Greenpeace :)

Please visit Home (wemove.eu)

Create a enivironmentally friendly homelife

One last thing you can do is to start sorting your garbage in an

environmentally friendly way. Check your own recycling station where you live and start going there on a regular basis to sort.

Make sure you buy less plastic, and the plastic you buy should be used for many, many years.

Use your own shoppingbag in the store and use your own personal waterbottle instead of buying bottled water or drinks at the store.

It's always better to choose metal over plastic, since metal can be melted and instantly reused. So try to choose cans instead of plastic bottles once again.

Only buy skin- and hairproducts that are environmentally friendly and haven't been tested on animals. The swedish brand The Body Shop offers such products.

Clean your home with products that are enivironmentally friendly, like using lemon/salt/bicarbonate and so on. This not only helps the environment but it also protects your own health, this way you avoid allergies or other diseases that could be related to being exposed to chemicals. 

Check this swedish homepage out for inspiriation: www.jordklok.se

Only buy ecological foods, like ecological meat or vegetables. These products are free from toxins and are therefore much better for your health. The animals who lived on ecological farms live better lives and their meat is better for you healthwise too. When you buy fish, you can check the package for MSC (this means the fish have been caught in an environmentally friendly way, read more about this at WWF:s homepage). Avoid buying salmon if you can, or reduce your buying since it only lives in rivers so the amount of fish is really small, often you will buy grown salmon kept in feeding centers that feed on unhealthy feed given by humans. 

Try to switch to an electric car, it's not easy making the switch but   we should all try it at least. Also use only renewables when you buy electricity, the price has to come second hand to this choice.

Good luck :)