Welcome to find out information about the earth's current climate, temperature rises we can expect in the future and how we will be able to survive in a more extreme climate.

In the future, we humans risk living in extreme temperature conditions no matter where we live on earth. The average temperature on earth is gradually rising and continues to rise.

My own video about phytoplanktons and the risk of global suffocation

This video is about the risk of phytoplanktons (who produce 50% of our oxygene here on earth) in our oceans dying out due to higher global temperatures and the risk of us humans suffocating due to the lack of oxygene this will bring.

Climate Change

Please feel free to read my E-book called Climate Change. The book answers what the climate crisis is all about and what solutions and facts we are facing. My E-book is available on Amazon.com and is called "Climate Change - solutions and facts". Click the button below to find a link to Amazon's site.

My own video about the future of Earth

This presentation mentions all upcoming weather events that will effect humanity and cause great destruction. All due to the rising of our global temperature. This is a future you will see in just ten years time...

The temperature of earth is finally decreasing

After a long time of fossil fuels being used and burnt all around our globe, we have switched to using solar energy instead. By using renewable energy we have shifted the raising temperature of our earth, and now the average temperature of earth has began falling.

This has been the case for the last few years now but it's not until now that researchers declare this being a fact (frankly, they themselves were to afraid of believing the numbers). 

Watch the movie "The last battle of the fossil fuels" to learn more about it.

This movie explains how the shift has come about by the falling of the USA coal industry, the expansion of solar energy in countries like Saudi Arabia and India and finally how China has come a long way with their development of electric cars (please bare in mind that China still uses coal for the majority of their heating and is therefore also the major contributor to CO2 being released into the atmosphere right now).

https://www.svtplay.se/video/18124227/fossilbranschens-sista-strid 2021-01-18

The worst hurricane year in recorded history

This year was the worst hurricane year in recorded history amounting to 30 tropical storms (and the season is still going at this point). The hurricanes are increasing in numbers but also in strength. In the future even Europe has to get use to facing tropical hurricanes and here in Scandinavia storms of this caliber will be a reality when the planets temperature rises. 

The hurricanes are getting more powerful, wetter (they can hold more moist air) and they also move slower it rains more frequently in the same area.

But the hurricanes are by no means staying in one designated area, instead they are more on the move then ever, already covering a much larger geographical area and right now the storm Theta is moving to Europe about to reach hurricanestrength (firstly it will hit Portugal and then other Europan countries like Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and France could be on this storms list).  

Source: SVD, 2020-11-12

The polar vortex gave a warm winter in Sweden

It has been a mild winter in the north that was affected by the polar vortex that raised the temperature by as much as ten degrees on Åland. The vortex is causing storms and floods in southwestern Finland. Unusually strong winds from the west affect the Nordic countries. In Sweden, the polar vortex has caused a mild climate during the winter and there has hardly been any snow in the southern parts of the country. Right now, Gothenburg is warned of very strong westerly winds caused by the polar vortex, up to 23-26 meters per second!

Source: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/extremt-vader-pa-flera-hall-i-norden/ 2020-01-14

https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/varmerekordet-for-januari-kan-slas-atlantens-varmepump-kan-hoja-temperaturen-till-over-10-grader/ 2020-01-14

New report on increasing vibrio bacteria in the Baltic Sea

In the Baltic Sea, diarrhea-causing vibrio bacteria has increased significantly over the past 30 years, according to the report The Lance Countdown (read more about this report under the heading Reports). In 2018, a record was broken when 107 days during the year were favorable for the bacterium.

Source: https://www.svd.se/klimatforandringarna-varst-for-barnen 2019-11-14

The forest fires of Sweden

In the future - the next summers in Sweden the climate will be dry and hot, some precipitation is present (to some extent it will increase but the weather conditions still result in drought and a high risk of forest fires every summer in Sweden in the future).

Rapported 2019-05-19


Source: www.pexels.com

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